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Introducing a brand new product, designed and produced by me… the JaZZ Paste Plate!

Paste fishing is a method I love to fish, and I’m sure many other anglers do too. Most of us will agree that a pot is needed when using wet or a sloppy paste, unfortunately these pots are quite large, distracting, often tangle and are overkill for when you want to scale down your bait.

After many attempts and countless hours of getting the design just right, I’ve created the JaZZ Paste Plate which I believe solves all of these issues. I’m really pleased with it, it has delivered fantastic results and really is a game changer.

My personal preference is to have the pot a distance away from the tip, and not directly next to it. By keeping the distance it’ll form a loop and significantly reduce the chance of a tangle. I’ve tried other methods but I always come back to this.

The Paste Plate has slim short sides, it’s lightweight, but still has a generous surface area to carry out the larger baits, if you prefer. As it is low profile, it also performs brilliantly in windier conditions.

It’s easy to fit too, just slide the Paste Plate over your pole tip until it’s snug. There’s no need to take your float off either!

Simple, effective, hard wearing, slim profile and cheap at only £2.99 plus postage.

…and as an extra bonus… it floats if it’s dropped in the water!