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JaZZ Handmade Ghost Pole Float

Perfect for flicking in the path of a crusing fish!

The coolest and smallest Mini Wag Pole float in town!  Some may call it the Swinger.

Measuring in at only 30mm (length) in size, the Ghost is a small, lightweight and very sensitive pole float designed to only need a 0.3g shot. One of the main advantages of this float is that you can swing your bait into the path of a cruising fish.  The Ghost won’t spook it as much as a heavier, darker painted float may do.

The Ghost is a great little float to swing and suspend a bait down the margins too, say only a couple of inches deep, when the fish are having it and you have started to get foul hookers on your standard setups.

Tried and tested with all baits, but i found the best results were with banded pellet and bread flake.


I recommend setting up this float with 2 small floats stops and place the shot directly underneath the float, so that you have more free line. I don’t normally place any shot down the line as i want the bait to free-fall to give the bait a more natural presentation.


Rohacell SUPER HARD foam body (High Tech Foam)
Hollow tips (a choice of Red, Green, Black, Yellow, Orange, White or Pink)
Hand painted
Hand varnished
30mm overall length
Requires a 0.3g Shot

Other information

I use Rohacell foam bodies that have the same density and buoyancy as the balsa bodies.

One of the main advantages of using high tech foam is it will not absorb water when the float is damaged, unlike materials such as balsa which may rot over time.
So my floats will last for many years – much longer than the average float.

I use a high quality waterproof epoxy resin especially formulated for the foam used in JaZZ floats.

I individually paint and varnish the float bodies over a four day process.