About JaZZ floats

JaZZ Floats are hand made with the highest quality materials available – you may notice that we use a HARD foam body for our floats.

Why?…Because it’s built to last!

Top quality foam will not let in water and because of the strong construction the float will not easily get damaged in the net.

JaZZ Floats have been tried and tested over the years by myself and other anglers and the outcome is that the floats are durable, reliable and super strong – Floats that will last for years and years.

I also can’t fail to mention the hand finish, they look and feel great!

I keep the price low (probably one of the lowest on the internet) and these are definitely perfect ‘bang for buck’ floats especially considering the spec vs the price! This may be why so many returning anglers are buying the floats and have been providing great feedback!

We have the most popular patterns and weights available in our Shop and we are continuously looking to improve and extend the range.