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JaZZ Jigga Handmade Pole Float

The Jazz Jigga has been completely handmade from start to finish in Rohacell HARD foam.

Consists of 6 different colours in a small/standard variety.

Small (Micro) rated at 0.2g

Standard rated at 0.4g

The standard jigga can take between a 6mm-8mm pellet.

Perfect for slapping!

HARD foam!

Hollow tubed

Non-Corrosive metal base tube

Self cocking

Setup of a JaZZ Jigga

Setting up of the JaZZ Jigga could not be easier, simply place a rubber float stop to your line, slide on the JaZZ Jigga and add another float stop, attach your hook length and shots and away you go!

**It is advisable to use a thick diameter main line, as a fine line has a tendency to stick within the tube of the float.  I have used 0.17 to 0.20 diameter line without any issues.**