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JaZZ Handmade Pencil Pole Float.

1mm diameter fibreglass stem
HARD  IGF 110 foam body (High Tech Foam)
Hollow tips (a choice of Red, Green, Black, Yellow, Orange, White or Pink)
Elite enclosed spring eye
Hand painted
Hand varnished.

When its time to see every bite on a hard day you will need to to use a float that’s super sensitive

The Jazz Pencil float can do this as it offers very little resistance to the fish due to its very slim profile body

On this build I use Rohacell IGF 110 bodies that have the same density and buoyancy as the balsa bodies.

A fibreglass stem goes completely through the foam and completely into the hollow tip, this build method gives a great balance and better overall strength.

One of the main advantages of using high tech foam is it will not absorb water when the float is damaged, unlike materials such as balsa which may rot over time.
So my floats will last for many years – much longer than the average float.

I use a high quality waterproof epoxy resin especially formulated for the foam used in JaZZ floats.

I individually paint and varnish the float bodies over a four day process.

0.1 gram measurements
1 cm overall length of float
Antenna (tip) = 20mm (length) x 1.5mm (width)

0.2 gram measurements
2 cm overall length of float
Antenna (tip) = 20mm (length) x 1.5mm (width)

0.3 gram measurements
3 cm overall length of float
Antenna (tip) = 20mm (length) x 1.5mm (width)

0.4 gram measurements
4 cm overall length of float
Antenna (tip) = 2
0mm (length) x 1.5mm (width)