Kando (Pellet) Medium Tip [2mm]


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JaZZ Handmade Kando (Pellet) Medium Tip Pole Float [2mm]

I have regularly been asked to do a medium sized tipped pole float on my Kando range, so I have made these 2mm hi-viz tipped ones up. They are fantastic for distance work.

They come in both Spring and Side-eye versions.

The Kando is my best selling pellet pole float by far, both in the UK and Europe. It’s a popular choice for the matchman and pleasure angler alike.

It’s more than a great Pellet float, It’s also great for corn, meat, bread and maggot. Most anglers mainly use these for pellet and meat, although I personally use the Kando with Expander pellet / maggot with great results. Either way it’s a very versatile float and can be used for a number of conditions and baits, i personally like to start my fishing session off by using one.

I get asked often ‘What is my ‘Go to float’? or if I could only pick ‘one type of float’ for my tackle box, then what would it be?
The answer? The ‘Kando’ – without a doubt.

I am not saying that one float suits all situations (we know that this isn’t true), but i find that the Kando comes closer than most floats for this.

This float is very sensitive, durable and solidly made.

It has the same density and buoyancy as the balsa bodies. However unlike Balsa, the high-tech hard foam will not absorb water or rot over time so it’ll last for years; much longer than the average float.

It’s definitely the best value hard foam on the market.

This float is made from Rohacell IGF 110 foam and with extra care and attention the overall result is a glass smooth finish. For those that don’t know about this foam, it’s one of the hardest foams around, but it isn’t the easiest to work with.

A fibreglass stem goes completely through the foam and completely into the hollow tip, this build method gives a great balance and better overall strength.

I use a high quality waterproof epoxy resin especially formulated for the foam used in JaZZ floats.

I individually paint and varnish the float bodies over a four day process.

Available in 0.3g, 0.4g and 0.5g only and in seven different colour tips – (Red, Green, Black, Yellow, Orange, White or Pink).

0.1 gram measurements
10.5 cm overall length of float
Antenna (tip) = 20mm (length) x 2.0mm (width)

0.2 gram measurements
11.0 cm overall length of float
Antenna (tip) = 20mm (length) x 2.0mm (width)

0.3 gram measurements
11.5 cm overall length of float
Antenna (tip) = 20mm (length) x 2.0mm (width)

0.4 gram measurements
12 cm overall length of float
Antenna (tip) = 25mm (length) x 2.0mm (width)

0.5 gram measurements
12.5 cm overall length of float
Antenna (tip) = 25mm (length) x 2.0mm (width)